Chef Michael Ybarra’s Fresh Approach to Healthy Eating

The tradition of serving hearty, calorie-replenishing favorites is a big part of the golf lifestyle. This still holds true today at The Adobe Restaurant, with one big difference: the food is made from scratch.

It’s all about “time, patience, organization and consistency” for Chef Yabarra and crew, whom he was quick to recognize as critical to the whole operation. “I can only do what I do because of what they do,” he admitted. “It takes time to get everything prepped, heated correctly, cooled correctly. You have to have the skills and then care enough. You have to have the pride to do it correctly every time.”

“The way Chef Ybarra prepares the food is not something you typically see,” said Heather Wissler, Adobe Restaurant’s general manager. “Most places just try to get you in and out, and we do that, too, with golfers trying to make tee times, but we’re still going to provide good, fresh quality food made from scratch.”

What Is From Scratch? Watch the Video!


The sun is rising and the hungry golfers are getting ready for the first tee. A hearty Adobe Restaurant breakfast is just the ticket to a great scoring round. Chef Ybarra and his team have been in the kitchen well before sunrise preparing the From Scratch menu items to help make your day.


From the golfers coming in after their early morning rounds, golfers getting ready to go out for the afternoon tee times and guests from local businesses looking for a relaxing lunch, The Adobe Restaurant has the vibe and wonderful, healthy food to make your time away from the course or the office so worthwhile.


Late afternoons are for telling your favorite golf stories or to relax after a stressful day in the office. Chef Ybarra’s From Scratch appetizers, along with refreshing cold drinks, friends and colleagues are great ways to wind it down as the shadows creep across the Adobe and Links courses. Check out Happy Hour at The Adobe Restaurant.

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